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The Joy of Wild Craft

By wildcurious, Dec 23 2017 05:18PM

Inhabiting this wild and precious earth.

Making stuff is powerful, and crafting with the wild is a vital part of my life. There’s freedom, magic and sensual connection with oneself, with the earth and with living energy when we extract ourselves from our hyperconnected world long enough create; to craft something tangible with our own two hands.

For me, making foraged concoctions is about the quality of the experience, about continuing the flow from gathering from the land, preparing and preserving across the seasons.

It is a conscious invitation and a commitment to let the wild in, and out. To break down the invisible barriers between the living earth our ourselves.

So, whenever I open a jar of wild kimchi, keffir, or a herbal tea I’m instantly connected back to the land, back to the experience of feeling the living earth all around me, the rhythmic ripples of plant growth and life.

This year I’ve prepared a Burdock root fire cider, and as I open and bottle it my thoughts are drawn to the invisible web of life in the soil beneath us and beneath Burdock.

Of the dynamic and complex relationships that Burdock has amongst its ecological community, from synergistic fungal relationships, to its niche as a dynamic accumulator; drawing up minerals and leached nutrients from the deep subsoil the roots reach down to.

As a forager and maker I’m interested in following the processes of the plants I work with, during their growth, and how they change when made into a living product, often a lacto-ferment or similar, and how they change us when we take the wild into us in this way.

These layers of experience reveal insights into the dynamic characteristics of wild plants; to understand the living character of plants we must find ways to become more mobile and flexible ourselves.

It isn’t about the quantity of knowledge we amass, but about the quality and breadth of perception we can open ourselves to.

I make to be present.

I make to nurture.

I make to focus

I make to be receptive.

I make because I love it.

I make to able to gift from the heart.

I make because I feel connected to this wild and precious world.

If you'd like to unleash the wild maker in you, take a peek at 2018's forage and craft courses here

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